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Menu & Flavors

Discover a tempting array of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and desserts at The Pastry Loft. Delight in our diverse menu with enticing flavors, fillings, and mouthwatering toppings.

Cake Flavors

Vanilla Bean

Choco Caramel


Pink Champagne

Red Velvet


Peanut Butter

Banoffee (banana caramel)

Lemon Blueberry

White Chocolate Raspberry

Cake Fillings



Banana Pudding

Chocolate Ganache



Delicious, moist cupcakes that can be decorated for any occasion. 

6 count: $21

12 count: $39

Singles: $3.75

For larger quantities and customized cupcakes, please email us at or call (770) 450-5748. Please note that the prices listed above are base prices.


Monogram Cakes

2-layered, 12-inch cake topped with homemade, American buttercream and different fruit, candies and cookies (chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate-covered Oreos, fresh fruit, chocolate bars, etc.)

Letter: $85 per letter (A-Z)

Number: $85 per number (0-9)

Heart: $75 (shown)

Circle (8in): $75

Square (8in): $75

Specialty Shapes: $85+ 


Round Cakes

Fully custom cakes. I do not duplicate designs, as every baker is their own artist. However, I will ensure your cake is thoughtfully and beautifully made. All cakes are made with American Buttercream.  


6 inch (10 - 14 servings): $125+

6 inch TALL (15 - 20 servings): $190+

8 inch (25 - 30 servings): $225+ (shown)

8 inch TALL (35 - 40 servings): $290+



Tiered cakes start at $375.

Common sizes:

6" + 8" (two-tiered)

8" + 10" (two-tiered)

6" + 8" + 10" (three-tiered)

4" + 6" + 8" + 10" (four-tiered)

6" + 8" + 10" + 12" (four-tiered)

Shown: 4" + 6" + 8" + 10" + 12" with custom cake spacers




Chocolate Chip

White Chocolate Chip

Key Lime (shown)

White Chocolate Strawberry

Berry Key lime


Banana Pudding

Cookies n Creme

Cookie Monster


Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Plain milk or white chocolate: 

6 count: $15

12 count: $30

Multi-colored/ Intricate design:

6 count: $18+

12 count: $35+


Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Tower

Small (10-15 berries): $75.00

Medium (25 - 30 berries): $150.00

Large (50 - 60 berries): $275.00


Cheesecake Cups


Cookie Butter (shown)

Cookie Monster

Strawberry Crunch

Banana Pudding

Cookies n Creme

Frosted Animal Cracker

16 oz Cup: $12


Breakable Chocolate

Purse (shown)

Geometric Heart

Mini Geometric Heart (4 counts)

Teddy Bear

Mini Teddy Bear (4 counts)

Piggy Bank

Large Geometric Diamond


Each breakable item comes candy filled with a wooden mallet. You may choose to fill the breakables with other items if able to provide those items.




Banana Pudding (cake bites shown)

NY Style


Cookies n Cream

Red Velvet


Chocolate Supreme

Cookie Butter

Peach Cobbler

Sweet Potato

9 inch: $70+

6 inch: $40+

Cheesecake CAKE Bites: $57/dozen


Caramel Apples

Plain Caramel: $8


Chocolate Supreme: $9 (shown, right)

Pecan or Almond: $10

Specialty Toppings: $11

Strawberry Crunch​

Turtle (shown, left)

Cookies n Creme




Cake Pops

Vanilla or Chocolate



Vanilla or Chocolate

Regular, geometric, or specialty shaped





Caramel Wrapped (shown): $45+/dozen

Regular: $36+/dozen


Rice Krispie Treats

Dipped (shown, back right): $36+/dozen

Straight edge mold: $45+/dozen




Fondant Sugar Cookies

Homemade, chewy sugar cookie topped with homemade marshmallow fondant





Red Velvet Cookies n Cream (shown): $51/dozen

Turtle: $51/dozen

Chocolate fudge: $39/dozen


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